Some of you may find this an interesting read, especially if you are in the UK as the local elections are looming.

This was taken from a brillient articles that I found.

1 They are openly racist.
2 They are as extreme as the BNP on immigration.
3 They are openly homophobic.
4 They refuse to condemn terrorism.
5 They don’t believe in equal opportunities for women.
6 They don’t believe in equal opportunities for anyone.
7 They think fossil fuels are renewable.
8 They think that global warming was invented to subjugate us.
9 They think that wind power damages the environment.
10 Their MEPs in the 1999-2004 Parliament were a waste of space.
11 Their new MEPs are shaping up to be no better.
12 They would rather we didn’t know who’s paying them.
13 They can’t agree on whether they support the European Parliament.
14 In fact, they don’t know anything about it.
15 They are allied with the far-Right.
16 They have scant regard for rules or for the law.
17 Their leaders are associated with the BNP.
18 And with the New Britain Party.
19 And with the National Front.
20 And with the Northern League.
21 And with the Conservative Monday Club.
22 Their leaders deny the Holocaust.
23 They think our social security system undermines society.
24 They use dirty tricks to try to fix debates.
25 They don’t believe in the popular mandate.

The full article can be read via the link below:


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