On this very special night……


At Gauntlet For The Gold 3, AIW is proud to present Steve Corino’s final match in North America. It will be his final Absolute Title defense, as well. The two challengers are men that want the title for different reasons. Sterling James Keenan is one of the most confident men in the AIW locker room and wants to the title to add to his collection of titles across the world. Meanwhile, Dios Salvador is a local Clevelander looking to make a name for himself in wrestling and after flirting with it for over a year, becoming Absolute Champ. Corino, on the other hand, plans on retiring with the title. But AIW Officials will prevent that from happening with….


A yearly tradition returns with 30 men vying for their chance at the Absolute Title. If Steve Corino wins his title match, he will be forced by AIW Officals to hand his title to the winner. If Dios or SJK win the Absolute Title, the winner of the Gauntlet will automatically become the number one contender. Needless to say, this is a huge opportunity for everybody on the AIW roster.

The first five people entered in the Gauntlet (In No Order):

1. AIW Tag Champ: “Beer Bong” Nick Belushi

2. AIW Tag Champ: “Sorority Sister” Super Oprah

3. Matthew Justice

4. “Bloody” Morty Rackem

5. Rebis


Tammy Sytch, The Original Diva, returns to her position as AIW General Manager. Tammy has seen in all in the wrestling business, and it’s prepared her for the craziness of helping run Absolute Intense Wrestling. She surprised the world by booking Drake Younger and The Necro Butcher at Hell On Earth 3, by flying The Duke home at “Tomorrow Never Dies” and she’s prepared for even more surprises on 12/16. Reliable sources have said Tammy has been on the phone recently with people in and out of Cleveland. Who has she been talking to? Will it affect AIW on 12./16?


After making a huge surprise return at Hell On Earth 3, Josh Prohibition will by vying for the Intense Title in this unique match up. Josh, who the crowd doesn’t know how to react to yet, in his return, will be going against one of the most hated men in AIW in Tyler Black. Tyler who’s seen action all over the US might have never come against a challenge like Josh Prohibition. Known for being one of the most ruthless men in wrestling Josh will do anything in his power to win the title and make an even bigger impact in his return.


Obviously inspired by other viral campaigns in wrestling and entertainment, somebody who claims to be a former AIW Star is returning at Gauntlet For The Gold 3 and won’t reveal himself until that night. Do Absolute Owner, Chandler Biggins or AIW GM Tammy Sytch even know who this person is? Does AIW condone this, or has the “AIW Worker” taken it upon themselves? These questions remained to be answered. The person is providing clues thru a myspace at Myspace.com/canyoubreakthecode. In the weeks to come, we’re obviously going to find out more about this person or people.


In the first ever, Black Christmas Death Match, The Thrillbilly will face his arch nemesis “The Passion” John Thorne. John Thorne is coming off his career match against Necro Butcher and Drake Younger, and while Necro pinned him, Thorne outsmarted him. Drake hit Nerco from behind and slammed him thru a table. Drake and Thorne celebrated as Drake became a member of Revelation 13. Agent Aaron Bauer who hired Necro Butcher, will bring his regular client, The Thrillbilly against Thorne for the third time in AIW. The stipulation being a “Black Christmas Death Match” weapons will be placed in wrapped gifts and Christmas decorations will be available at ringside and legal to use. With Thrillbilly and Agent Aaron Bauer dedicating this match to The Necro Butcher, that’s a promise that blood will be shed.


The AIW Tag Titles have remained on Alpha Beta Duke since May, and nobody has come close to defeating them. AIW’s resident odd couple, Super Oprah and Nick Belushi will be defending against two teams, not just one. The first is “The Switchblade Saints” (Sami Callihan and Matt Riot) and the other team is “The Young Studs” (TJ Dynamite and Eric Ryan). Will Oprah and Nick leave once again as Champs?

-All that and much more!

The show is being held at 7PM at:
Mulberry’s In The Flats
2316 Mulberry Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44113


Vendors wanted for 12/16:

AIW is offering vendor space for this very special evening as we say good bye to “The King of Old School” The space is available to sell merchandise or to advertise your products. Interested parties may email us at webmaster@aiwrestling.com


AIW Home Video has many releases available for purchase. On AIWrestling.com and on some major wrestling video websites, you can get DVDs of most of our events.

On these events, you’ll see the following, plus more: Jake “The Snake” Roberts, AJ Styles, Low-Ki/Senshi, Sonjay Dutt, New Jack, Elix Skipper, Matt Morgan, “Sweet & Sour” Larry Sweeney, Claudio Castagnoli, Colt Cabana, Jimmy Jacobs, Matt “MDogg20” Cross, Josh Prohibiton, Steve Corino, Tyler Black, Chris Hero, The Necro Butcher, Shane Hollister, Drake Younger, Ricky Reyes, Eddie Kingston, Jigsaw, Hallowicked, Hydra and The Colony.


ABSOLUTE INTENSE WRESTLING is based in Cleveland, Ohio. Existing since May 2005, it’s run events all over Ohio and Michigan. AIW has also been featured on MTV and was awarded a Scene Magazine “Best Of Cleveland” award in 2006. AIW’s official website is AIWrestling.com and it’s myspace is myspace.com/AbsoluteIntenseWrestling.


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