I am 30 years of age and I am starting to get acne!

I thought that sort of thing only happened to horrible teenagers, but it appears that ugly 30 year olds can get it as well. What makes it even worse is if I pop the spots then patches of psoriasis grow in its place!

It happens to me every time I have to use something that has soap in it (mainly when I shave). Maybe I need to go and ask the doctor, his face will be a picture when I ask him for some acne treatment at my age!


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4 thoughts on “Acne At My Age?

  1. I’m not supposed to use soap as it brings me out in spots and makes my psoriassi tons worse.

    I used to use this soap-free stuff that cost about £30 a tub but they stopped making it (I think I was the only one using it)

    I think I’ll get my sister to pop into one of those Holland shops, I am a complete old-fashioned man and feel slightly ‘gay’ about going into those shops. 😮

  2. A good friend of mine has skin problems herself and was actually recommended by her Doctor to have some time on a sun bed. Some small time like 10 minutes a week. Whilst this may not be the most tempting of treatments it actually worked for her.

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