Days left till holiday: 97!

Acton Town drew 3-3 against AMU on yesterday, this was a team that we hammered 5-1 at the end of the last year and when we took them on yesterday we saw a load of new players.

I have certainly had better games but I think I put in a rather solid performance, Zico again dropped me in it by pulling out of a challenge at the last possible second and yelled at me to go for it – The bastard!

I am really enjoying being the captain and some of the players are actually starting to listen to what I have to say, sadly most of them ae still ignoring me but I think if I start bawling at players then we will get some results.

I think the fact that there is nothing to play for this season at Acton Town is one of the main reasons why we are not playing very well. I have even heard several players say that they are merely going through the motions until the end of the season comes and then they will not be coming back.

I’ve told Jayson I am in for next season, all I have to do now is find the £150.00 to join the team.


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