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Is it wrong of me that I am not crying myself to sleep at night over what is happening to Jade Goody?

I hate the woman with a passion, mainly because the stupider she becomes the more famous that she becomes, but when I found out the cancer she had was terminal I did not feel sad.

Obviously I would not wish cancer on anyone and did not think “Good!” when I heard the new, but because I’m not joining the 1,000,000,000,000 Facebook groups and wailing like a banshi this means I am a cold-hearted bastard and will almost certainly get what is coming to me sooner or later.

I went to the jobcentre yesterday and almost got into a fight with a Nigerian man.

They ask that you arrive 10 minutes early to scan through the job machine thingy. I got there 20 minutes early and was going through one when this Nigerian repair man came over and instead of asking me to move so he could change the print paper he barged me out of the way and bellowed “MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!”

I told him not to be so bloody rude (only not as politely as this) and before anything could happen the security guard came over and was about to throw me out when one of the staff came to my rescue and told him that the repair man had started it.

I took my seat as the repair man was being ordered into an office at the end of the room by a rather angry man in a suit.

One of my favourite sites Buy are having a sale at the moment, I ended up spending what little remaining money I had left on their site. Good job I’m getting some more on Friday or I would be skint for the weekend.


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3 thoughts on “Am I Being Heartless?

  1. Hate is a very strong word. Maybe you find her passionately irritating but I don’t think you hate her. Yes, she’s been known to act dumb but I don’t think those are grounds to hate someone.

    Now, cancer is a whole different ballgame and I do feel sorry for her, especially her children. So many families go through that everyday and celebrities aren’t immune to that. It hurts just as much regardless of status.

    take care…

    2ThePoints last blog post..The Credit Crunch, the Manic-Depressive Media. A Match Made in Hell.

    1. Someone recently said to me that maybe it is not her that I hate but the people who are fans of her. I once had a go at a woman when she openly said that “Jade Goody & Jordon are a such great role models for women”.

      Something to ponder.

      Thanks for dropping by. đŸ™‚

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