I went to the local shop this morning as I went down one of the aisles I felt something on the back of my neck, assuming it was merely an itch I slyly gave my neck a litle flick, as I did not wish to start scatching in public, as a great big huge massive wasp went flying past my ear and landed on a shelf in front of me.

It was the shelf I was about to pick something from and the thing was wiggling around on the shelf like it was having an operation without any form of general anaesthetic.

It really freaked me out, I’m allergic to wasp stings so if anything flies past me I do not stand there waiting to find out what it is, I run screaming and waving my arms like a person having some form of fit. :blush:

Thankfully nobody else noticed my little panic attack.


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2 thoughts on “Ambushed By A Wasp!

  1. You were very lucky. Couple of months ago, I got stung in the neck by a wasp as I was going into Natwest. It hurt A LOT.

    …but I obviously lived to tall the tale. đŸ˜€

    Wasn’t funny when it happened though. I was a bit weepy as I was shocked and…well I’d never been stung IN THE FRIKKIN NECK before. Jeez, they do pick their points. The other time, I got through my nail – yes, through my nail, by a bee. Sharp little buggers.

    Anyway, glad it didn’t getcha, especially as you’re allergic and all.

    take care and have a good weekend.

    2ThePoints last blog post..You Cubez – part 2…

  2. I get stung everytime I go into Nat West, though it normally by the bank itself. đŸ˜€

    I found out I am allergic the hard way. When I was ten I was standing under a roof and a dying wasp fell onto me and stung my ear, within seconds my ear had ballooned and was huge.

    Thankfully we had a good medical unit at the boarding school and they were quick to stop anything bad happening.

    Thanks for dropping by. đŸ™‚

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