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Am I the only person who thinks that only Americans could be stupid enough to elect a man as their new president based soley on the colour of his skin?

I was shocked to find out that about 75% of Americans who voted for Obama do not even know what his policies were, they voted him in because he is black! That is fucking insane!

I tested this by asking some black Americans what his policies were, most of them replied with phrases like “i don’t care!!! we have a black man in the white house!!!!!!”.

Part of me hopes he is worse than George Bush just to teach those stupid cunts a lesson.


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3 thoughts on “American’s Become More Stupid

  1. Shortly after I posted this I received an email from someone (possibly American) who insisted that I was just jealous because my country has not had the foresight to elect a black man into power.

    While we have not elected a black man as our prime minister (to my knowledge) in 1979 we did elect a woman as our PM and she held that position for 11 years.

    The reason we have not elected a black person yet is simple, none have come along with the right policies that should warrent them being elected.

  2. This is PC gone mad. I consider myself a feminist, I should have been happy to vote for a woman like Margaret Thatcher. Except one small thing, I am not conservative. And she made things worse for single mothers. People are idiots!

    I was more happy that a democrat got in rather than the basis he is a black man (to judge a person by the colour of their skin… erm isnt that racist?). I mean on that principle these black voters should be happy for men like Robert Mugabe are in power.

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