I live on the first floor of a four storey block of flats on a housing estate. It is one of those blocks with a balcony that runs the length of each floor. The balcony goes past my bathroom, kitchen and bedroom windows and my front door.

We normally have a group of kids who like to play a game called run-outs, I have no problem with them charging up the down the balconies yelling their heads off.

The problem is they have started banging on my windows and kicking my front door.

Tonight one of them threw a plank of wood at my window, luckily the drain next to the window took the majority of the blow.

I decided to bite the bullet and went to tell the mum of one of the girls in the group (the group are aged between 8-13). I decided to be polite and calmly informed the mother that her daughter and her friends have been banging and kicking my windows and door for the past three months and on two ocassions they had hit my window with an object (the other time was a scaffold pole).

I also informed her that on a number of ocassions I have seen her with my own eyes writing lewd graffiti on the stairwell walls and lift door.

I thought she would tell her off…

Her response was to start screaming and shouting about how dare I tell her what her daughter can and can’t do and that I must be some kind of paedophile for sticking my nose in.

Now forgive me if I am incorrect but I was under the impression that a paedophile was someone who was attracted to underage girls/boys. And looking it up in Wikippedia (I have far too much time on my hands) I am correct.

She obviously knew that her daughter was in the wrong and was trying to save face by hurling that insult at me.

I could have stood there and argued with her for hours but you can not reason wiith someone of this mentality so instead I simply took a note of her door number and told her that in the morning I would be reporting her child to the council for harrasment and criminal damage of council property.

She threatened to hit me with a broom that was standing next to her front door.

I walked away feeling quite triumphant.


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