Once again you can find out about my monthly income reports over at I Need Discipline as this is where they are now housed.

So another month has come and gone very quickly, can you believe we are now nine months through the year already? It seems only last week that I was celebrating my birthday but in reality it is coming up again in a couple of weeks.

Number Crunching

The first of the month also means the monthly traffic report for this blog. I was holding off on hoping that I could achieve the great feat of beating last month’s traffic total for a third straight month. Sadly I failed and in almost spectaculate fashion as I did not even get the same traffic as I did two months ago!

I was hoping that the installation of my picture gallery would help bring in a fair few more visitors but alas it did not.

Page views for the month stand at 30,422 which is a massive decrease of 12,466 from last month’s total of 42,888!

The pageviews were not the only thing to fall sadly as the unqiue visitors also stayed away in their droves.

The unque views for the month came in at 18,805 which is a decrease of 6,979 from last month’s total of 25,784.

This is a huge step backwards for me, although I did not post as much as I normally do which I’m hoping is the reason why the counts are so low this month.

It is not all bad news, the RSS subscription currently stands at 19, an increase of 2! đŸ™‚

Top Five Search Terms

Below are the top five search terms that were entered into a search engine and led to this blog.

1. Do Legal Steroids Work
2. data recovery
3. hot g vibe
4. dean saliba
5. sonography courses

My favourite search term this month was ‘help me pick my dogs nose’.

Five Most Popular Posts

The five most popular articles in the last calendar month.

1. Catching Freashwater Oysters In France
2. Orovo Helps Look After You Body Cheaply
3. How Come I Don’t Get Minimum Wage?
4. Buying My Pet Supplies Online
5. Time To Shed The Pounds

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