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The Most Popular Video Games in History


Last year saw the release of the next generation of games consoles – the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One – and with them a whole host of the latest video games. Over the years games have hit the market in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a fan of fast cars, have an overwhelming ...

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Shouldering On


I woke up on my sofa four afters after walking Reiss home, I was late for football so there was no time for me to jump in the shower and change my clothes. I had enough time to grab my bag that I had prepared the night before, the team’s kit, and ran to the local cab office and I ...

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Thieves and Muggers


I arrived at Kingford Community School at 7:05 with about six other players for our regular weekly football training session and we were told by the lady at reception that we would not be allowed in until at least 7:25 because the person who uses the pitch before us lodged a complaint about us coming near the pitch too early. ...

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Magic Boots


Bow Badgers were in action this morning as they took on East London FC in a game to help determine who would truly be the worst team in the division, even though we won 2-0 it is still us because we are still bottom by a couple of points, but we are catching them fast. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- November is Movember and ...

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