Back to my Best?

I felt a bit better today, which was surprising because I got VERY drunk last night on my own, I don’t believe I’ve consumed that much beer, whiskey and shots in an evening ever, how I got up for training with Bow Badgers today is beyond me.

But I’m glad I did because I played very well. We did a bit of running, a 6-a-side game, some drills, a 4-a-side game, some more drills and then we went to the pub for a couple of drinks. I was very pleased with my performance in training, when I was attacking I was dangerous and when I was defending I won everything in the air. I scored a couple of delicious lobbed goals which I was very chuffed about.

On the way home I was going to stop by the barbers to have my head shaved, but I was very hot and sweaty and I thought the barber didn’t need to have to shave my soaking sweaty head as I stink up his shop, so I went home instead. It’s a shame I have very little hair because I can only have one style, the shaved head look, oh how I wish I could have something like they offer at

At least it doesn’t take as long to wash and dry it.


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