Back to the Farm

We are in London and we could have gone anywhere today, but my girlfriend wanted to go back to Hackney City Farm to have another look at the animals and to see “her best male friend” (third reason she comes down, I’m fourth) Tommy, who works there twice a week

Today the farm was populated with children running around and there were no animals in their little houses, had they somehow been turned into the children? Had the people who run the farm decided to get rid of the animals and instead display children as they cost less to keep and don’t need as much attention?

Sadly my dream of a farm where children are placed on display has not come to fruition, the animals had been moved to outside fields – apart from the chickens who had taken refuge under a van and were refusing to come out no matter how many times the van owner banged on the side of his van or honked his horn, one of the chickens popped his head out from under the van and looked at the bloke as if to say “yeah? What?”

Since she likes farms so much (we only left because she needed to pee) I might see if some of the other East End farms are still in existence, I went to a few over the years when I was a kid and as I remember they had more animals than the one we went to today.


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