Bad Neighbour?

Coming home from the shops I noticed my nosy neighbour was in her front garden shouting and screaming at a couple in a car, I’m not sure what she was saying as it was incoherent, I did notice the couple in the car had council uniforms on. As I walked past her she directed her ranting towards me and said that I was a terrible neighbour because I never talk to her, I chose to ignore her and walked on and she came rushing out of her garden and was stopped from confronting me by one of her carers who ushered her back inside.

I don’t talk to her because she has a habit of walking into people’s houses uninvited and snooping in bedrooms. I still can’t believe when we had builders installing our shower room and one of them came into the back garden and said: “sorry mate, but a woman has just walked in off the street and is looking around your bedrooms”, I didn’t believe him, but there she was having a good nose about.

She also sticks her nose into everybody’s business, if you do something on the estate that causes a bit of noise then she will be out investigating, she also regularly checks the grass areas and tells dog walkers off and demands to see their carrier bags.

I wasn’t going to play football tonight, the wounds from having my teeth out are healing nicely, but one of them (the one where the tooth was piercing my sinus) is not healing as fast as the others and the surgeon warned me against doing anything that would make me breath heavy for the next two weeks, but some players dropped out when they found out I was going to start charging them £2 per game so I had no option but to jump in.

I was careful not to do too much and just pretty much sat back and defended for the entire match, with the odd run up every now and again. We picked up our second win of the season with a 4-1 win against rather decent opponents, I think settling with the same team is going in the right direction and charging £2 has cleared out the people who were not serious and were not that good anyway. What a shame that next Monday is our week off.


I am running the 2018 London Marathon to raise money for Livability UK in memory of my dad. If you can I'd appreciate any donation you can spare.
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