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I have just been banished to my bedroom because my sister Charlene has come up to paint the hallway and she has brought her daughter with her who for some reason screams in terror everytime she sees me.

I should point out that it is not just me, it is everyone she meets, the only people that do not make her scream in fright are her mum, her brother and her dad. So I am now sitting in my bedroom with nursing a rather bruised pride as my sister shouted at me as she came in the front door “Fuck off into your room, you’re going to scare my baby!”

I’ve just heard my dad say “Hello Megan” and my sister has just shouted at him “Leave her alone dad, you’re scaring her!”. It is going to be interesting to see how the child adjusts to pre-school when she hates being with people apart from her mum, dad & brother.


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5 thoughts on “Banished To My Room!

  1. ‘Mummy’s little princess’ was OK with me later in the evening, even giggling with me when I pretended to hurt myself by walking into things.

    But then the next day she forgot about how cool we were and started screaming again. 🙁

  2. Little kids usually get scared pretty fast, though this one’s going into extremes. Maybe she had some unpleasant encounters with other people before, or maybe she just feels her mom doesn’t like other people to be around her.

  3. Today they came up and she played with me for over an hour kicking a football to eachother.

    Then twenty minutes later I walked into the front room and she started yelling her head off and crying. 🙁

    Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

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