Today is my birthday, a momentous occasion because I have officially beaten Jesus at living. Jesus isn’t too happy at my boasting of this achievement and has threatened to to take his revenge by promising to sour the fortunes of my football team. Well the joke is on him because I’m a Millwall fan! Ha! Take that Jesus, you non-existent fool.

I was awoken at 5am by people sending me texts to wish me a happy birthday, normally I turn my phone off when I go to bed but I forgot and boy did I pay for it, I had no idea I had so many friends who can’t wait until a normal time to congratulate on surviving another year on this planet.

I was commissioned to write an article today that for once was rather interesting. It was about privacy laws and since we are still embroiled in the Kate Middleton topless picture story in this country I had some to write about. It was mainly me asking why it is OK for paparazzi to invade private lives an take naked pics but if a member of the public does it to someone who isn’t famous then they find themselves either in jail or on a special register.

You might find that a bit of a childish analogy but it is the truth, the photographer took the pictures from 500 metres while hiding up a tree, you don’t think THAT is going a bit too far?

So what did I do for my birthday? I spent the day cleaning and writing. Yes I am well aware of how much of a party animal I am. 🙂


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