Better Living through Hormone Therapies

Many people struggle with problems that can be cured or helped by hormone therapies. Unfortunately, not everyone knows about the benefits that hormone therapy can provide. It may be unclear to you who hormone therapy is right for, but if you’re a viable candidate, you should learn as much as you can about the therapy in order to see how you can go about receiving the treatment. In this article, we’ll discuss five common problems and the way hormone therapy can alleviate them.


Aging is something we all, at some point, go through. As you age, particularly if you’re a woman, your hormone levels drop. This decrease in estrogen or testosterone can lead to unpleasant symptoms. Menopausal symptoms, for example, include hot flashes, genital atrophy, sleep disruption, and irritability. It can be difficult to function. Low testosterone levels can lead to decreased sexual functioning, hair loss, weight gain, and other physiological ailments. Through hormone therapy, you can replace hormones that have been lost and regain your health.

Weight Gain

Weight gain can be reversed through hormone replacement therapy. Low testosterone is thought to potentially cause weight gain in men, and replacing those levels of testosterone to their original levels will help keep that at bay. Weight gain can also be caused by malfunctioning T3 and T4 hormones—the thyroid hormones. Hypothyroidism is the name for this disorder, and it often leads to weight gain. Replenishing the T3 and T4 hormones will regulate the body and cease the weight gain caused by the low levels.

Poor Sexual Health

Decreased hormones can cause sexual dysfunction. If you are experiencing fatigue and decreased libido, that can be a sign that your hormones are too low. Estrogen and testosterone are sex hormones that are present in everyone. Women have high estrogen levels and low testosterone levels, and men have the reverse. If there is a decrease in estrogen for a woman or a decrease in testosterone for a man (such as the decreases found as people age), that can damage sexual health. Replacing these sex hormones and putting them back to their original levels will reverse the negative effects hampering your libido and sexual health.


Fatigue is another common symptom of a hormone imbalance. Fatigue and weight gain go hand-in-hand. You are tired, so you don’t feel like getting up and exercising, and then you gain weight, which also makes you feel even more tired. This cycle is damaging and can lead to depression and reduced quality of life. When estrogen and testosterone levels are too low, this can cause fatigue and a general feeling of tiredness or apathy. Replenishing your levels of these hormones will increase your vitality and energy, both of which are essential to living a productive, happy life.

Delayed Puberty

Delayed puberty occurs when a person does not go into puberty at the age that most other children do. It is estimated that 95% of childrenenter puberty between the ages of nine and fourteen. Puberty that starts later than fourteen is considered delayed. This delay is thought to be caused by a deficiency in the LH and FSH hormones, which signal to the body that it is time to start developing and changing. Hormone therapy is often used to kick-start puberty. Endocrinologists often recommend a dose of testosterone to help speed up puberty and get the teenager onto the right track.

You can live better through hormone therapies. If you’re experiencing any of the aforementioned problems, hormone therapy may be right for you. Ask Body Concepts and Wellness about this type of treatment; if they feel that you qualify, then you can get on the right track for your health.


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