Big Mistake

I really don’t think I should have taken the extra two tablets before going to bed last night, I have been running to the toilet nearly every five minutes and my bum is very sore and probably as red as one you might find on a baboon.

How do these people who take 10-12 laxatives a day to lose weight cope with the ultra ring sting and multiple desperate dashes to the toilet?

When I phoned the doctor the other day he said the reason for my problem is almost certainly because of my recent healthy eating, I started eating healthily about four weeks ago and he believes my body is reacting to it after years of eating unhealthily. And there was me thinking a healthy diet would help my bowels!

At least I can sit down now, well almost, I have to lay on my side.

I didn’t buy anyone any presents this year, but I still found myself walking past shop windows, pointing at something and saying “so-and-so would like that” and then thinking “but they can sod off this year”. One such shop had a nice selection of guyatone amplifiers on display.

What is this? A post that doesn’t concentrate 100% on my bottom? :O


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