After my aborted attempt at clearing up the back garden yesterday I decided to turn my attentions to the front garden, it too had no been touched in quite some times and thee were weeds growing through the cracks in the brickwork and rubbish stuck to the railing where people are too lazy to walk 10 yards to the bin and instead throw it into my garden.

As I started weeding I heard something hit the ground, I turned and saw a load of bread had been thrown over the balcony and into my garden, some of it almost landed on me, I rushed out of the gate and looked up and saw a young Asian boy on the top floor continuing to throw the bread. I yelled at him to not throw it in my garden and his mum came out and told me to leave her son alone as she ushered him inside.

I don’t care if it is part of your religion to feed birds because you believe you come back as them, I don’t want you throwing your bread in my garden because the pigeons it attracts then shit in my garden and all over the expensive scooter shed we brought a couple of years ago.

It is actually illegal to feed them anyway.

No doubt I’ll be getting a visit from the council soon about harassing a resident.


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