Bridgehouse Back Open

I received the news a few days ago that Bridgehouse has been reopened just in tiem for New Year’s Eve, it is a fantastic piece of news as the club has been putting on some quality music acts for over six years and the tragic murder was the only bit of trouble to happen in the club in its time.

Hearing the news has reopened the urge for me to put on some events in 2014, I have been looking at putting on a comedy night for quite a while, but I have also been looking at the prospect of putting on a hardcore event as London is severely lacking in this area, if you want a decent event you have to go to Birmingham or even further North.

If I was going to put on a hardcore event then I would have to invest in some new equipment as what is on offer at The Bridgehouse is not very good and not half of what an act would need, the latest mackie profx8 puts their archaic mixer to shame.

I’ll be attending the NYE party there tonight so hopefully there will be no repeat of what happened last time I was there, even though some of the troublemakers have already said on Facebook they will attend.


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