Yesterday at work I brought the entire school to a stand-still. I placed my cleaning cart into the lift and the broom fell against the inside of the lift door so the doors would not open. It took an hour to sort it out and nobody could get their carts onto other floors. Luckily it was 6am in the morning and the kids were not in.

When I came back in the afternoon the school were holding a talent contest in the big hall that I clean. When they finished I walked in and saw the place was awash with paper, drink bottles and puddles of water and juice.

Sue came in and decided to help me and we took a side each and we formed a huge pile of paper and plastic. As we were clearing the rubbish we were joking about the day before when she let me steam clean the street (that is what they call the ground floor lobby) It was dragging me all over the place as I forgot to let go of the accelerator. Everyone had come down to watch and laugh at me!

After work I met up with Reiss, I hadn’t been out for a drink with him in a while and the night got off to a weird start when he said something along the lines of “You’re looking good, you have a definite vibe going on”. I don’t like it when people compliment me as I’m not used to it and I start feeling really awkward.

I’m sure he was waiting for me to return the compliment, but the truth is he did not look as good as I did. đŸ™‚

We went on a pub crawl up Upper Street, the rule was simple: only one drink in each pub. Sadly I was drinking beer while Reiss was drinking JD & Coke. So he would down his in a couple of goes while I still had over half a pint left.

Reiss isn’t a very patient person and started making signs (like tapping his foot and trying to force the glass higher when I took a sip, hoping to get me to drink more), in the second or third pub I ended up buying him a second drink (thus breaking our rule) just so I did not have to down another pint so quickly.

I like watching Reiss on the pull and tonight he did not disappoint she he hit on not one but two women handing out fliers to clubs. He even took some from one of them and started trying to offer them to people while I moaned about the pubs shutting soon.

What did I get? I got groped by a drunk old woman who stank of gin (despite the fact that she was drinking JD & Coke!) and kept saying “shame on you”.

I asked Reiss how the job hunting was going, he replied by yelling at me to stop fucking asking him that. I don’t think twice asking someone how their search for a job is going is ‘constantly going on about it’, in fact I thought it was me being nice and polite. he reacted like it is the only thing I ever ask him.

I asked him twice because I forgot that I already asked him the first time.

I left him in the Mucky Pup so I could get a good quota of sleep for the friendly match the next day.


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