Bye Bye Lomas

So what was the coolest present I got this year? Despite telling people I don’t want any presents this year people always ignore this and buy me presents and then get the hump when they realise I didn’t buy them anything. My brother got me a DVD of the games from the season where we won promotion to the Championship back in 2001, but my favourite is one that I stole.

My dad got one of those nice TAG Heuer watches from, which he looked at and said that he preferred the current watch that he had so I stole it, but then when I found that it didn’t fit me I put it back. 🙂

I fell asleep for a large part of the day, sleeping means my bum doesn’t hurt. I woke up just in time to hear Millwall get hammered 4-0 by Watford, on the plus side it meant that the Millwall board had finally seen the light and sacked Steve Lomas.

When he was appointed as Millwall manager I was in the minority in welcoming him to the club and just hoping that he could do well for us, many Millwall fans were dead against him because of his connections with hated rivals West Ham. I wanted to give him a chance and sadly it again proved that there is a big gap between managing in Scotland and managing in England, especially when you leave your backroom staff back in Scotland, the staff who actually helped you succeed in the first place.

Neil Harris has been put in charge as a caretaker manager and I have this horrible feeling that the board will take the cheap option and will give him the job permanently. I love him to bits, but he is in no way ready to be a manager permanently.


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