Advertising on the World Wide Web today can be very expensive and most of the time there is no guarantee that readers and visitors will see your adverts nevermind read your adverts.

One new avenue that many companies are rushing to take advantage of is called ‘Blog Reviewing’. This is where advertisers pay bloggers to write a review post on their blog about the product and include a number of links into the review.

The great thing about this is that the review will be read by the readers of the blog and will be around for a very long time (normally several years, maybe longer). Plus the links in the review mean it will help your PR. There is also the fact that search engines wil include that review into their engines.

One such company that could help you here is

Bloggers Review pride themselves on how cheap they can offer their service to the advertiser, they claim that you can take up an advertising campaign with them for as little as $50.00. Not only is this very good value but it will actually cost you more if you went with another blog review network.

So if you are looking to advertise on budget then check out Blogger Review, many companies are jumping on the bandwagon.


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