Well it certainly is all go around here. The Christmas tree and decorations have been put up and really make the place look nice and warm, although the front room now looks incredibly small and will look even more tiny once we pile the presents under the tree.

I have managed to refrain form putting lights outside, mainly because the kids on the estate would nick them within seconds. But we have put one of those holly things on the front door and decorated the back door with lights, tinsel and fake snow.

I was having some trouble getting a present for my wife’s sister. I was trying to think of what she might like and the only thing I could think of that she was interested in was equestrian. So I bought her a couple of pairs of breeches. I got the wife to give me her size. I might have got into trouble if I tried to get them myself!

I have to go to the supermarket tomorrow for some last minute bits and bobs, I am so not looking forward to that, the place is just going to be packed, I know it will be. Maybe if I go as soon as they open it won’t be so bad?

You think that is bad? One of my sisters STILL has not finished her Christmas shopping and was online this morning trying to reserve Christmas presents for her friend’s kids. She is going to pick them up form Argos tomorrow. Good luck with that!

This might very well by my last post before Christmas so I’ll take this time to wish every a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Hopefully 2010 will be the start of me sorting this blog out.

Don’t eat and drink too much guys. 🙂


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