A Different Dream

It was weird not having any football to sort out tonight, I have become so used to running around trying to find out who is and isn’t available for games over the past two months that I really didn’t know what to do with myself for most of the day. Nobody who had played for the past few games wanted this break in play, but sadly the league has set itself up in such a way that one team has a week off every week, the other teams might welcome their scheduled rest, but we didn’t as we were building up some nice steam.

I did tell the league that we were happy to play, even if it was just a friendly, and they said they would put us on standby in case a team couldn’t make their match, sadly I didn’t hold out much hope of this happening as the teams that are in the league have been there for a long time (12th season) and rarely miss games, plus there are always people hanging around just in case teams don’t have enough players.

I’ve been thinking a lot about moving away lately, people talk about dreams and ambitions, my only dream is to piss off somewhere where nobody will know who I am and where nobody will bother me. I travel around the UK on coaches and I often watch the world whizz by through the window and when you are on the motorway you will see lots of fields and every now and again a single farm and I actually envy the people who live there, not because of their work (fuck that getting up at 5am shit!), but I envy the fact that they have no neighbours.

Who knows, maybe one day I’ll strike it lucky on the horses and I’ll be able to afford to run away to a secluded part of the country, although I might have to have my name changed to stop people from finding me and leeching money from me, I wonder how much corporate lawyers charge to change a name?

It isn’t exactly your traditional dream.


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