Richard Herring (of Lee & Herring fame, and the TRUE genius behind Time Gentlemen Please!) is going to be performing a preview of his upcoming Edinburgh show in Mile End, East London, on Monday night (and again at a later date) and I have just managed to reserve two tickets to see him!

He was performing at The Camden Head pub in Islington last night but thanks to Reiss being a fucking arsehole, and not confirming if he was coming, I had to miss it. But I shall be making sure I get to see him now that I actually have tickets reserved!

After checking the club’s web site I saw that Stewart Lee (the other half of Lee & Herring) was performing only this past Monday … AND I FUCKING MISSED IT!

I am now the proud owner of almost all of every Shakin’ Stevens songs that has ever been recorded.

Last night I was lucky enough to find a lovely bloke on the awesome ISOHunt torrent web site who had ripped most of Shaky’s songs, even ones from his Sunset days, and put them on the torrent web site for people like me to download.

I left the computer running over night and when I awoke I had found that I had finished downloading all of them!

I am now the proud owner of the following songs & albums:

Shakin’ Stevens & The Sunsets
I’m not a JD
Reet Petite
Shakin’ Stevens & The Sunsets

Shakin’ Stevens (Solo)
A Whole Lotta Shaky
Epic Years
Hits & More! Vol1
Hits & More! Vol2
Hits & More!-Vol3
Shaky The Hits Vol 1
Shaky The Hits Vol 2
Shaky The Hits Vol 3
Sings A & B sides
The Hits of 1997
There Two Kinds Of Music..Rock’n’Roll

Shaky gets a lot of shit thrown at him but I would like to point out that he is the top selling male UK singles artist of the 1980s. That beats people like George Michael and the like!

The other day I downloaded both Portishead albums and I was lucky enough to find a live album of their concert in the Roseland, New York, which I have been constantly listening to over and over, I forgot just how fucking awesome I think Portishead are!

I am so anal that I spell check almost everything I do, I was just spell-checking this blog piece when a spelling error popped up for the word ‘arsehole’ the top replacement word for it was ‘leaseholder’…


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