For anybody who has a blog or a website one of the best features to have is an online poll so that visitors to your blog or web site can give you their own opinion on whatever your poll is about.

Easy Poll is a free online poll service offering you the opportunity to offer online surveys to your visitors. The nice thing is that it only takes about two minutes to set up your account and create the poll. Then you are given a piece of code that you slip into your HTML and bingo!

Below you will find a poll that I have set up.

You can set up your poll to either vote yes and no or you could enter multiple choice answers like this one that I have set up below:

Which Operating System Do You Use?
Windows Vista
Windows XP
Windows ME
Windows 2000
Winows 98
Windows 95
Windows 3.0


When a visitor votes it opens a small window to reveal not only the updated results but also how many people altogether have taken part in the voting and how many have voted for each option.

This service is absolutely free and they do not insist on intrusive pop-up adverts or banner ads like other poorly run poll web sites. All they ask is that you leave the small link underneath the polls that leads to their site.

Easy Poll is a site that I will certainly be using for my other sites and blogs in the future if you wish to offer polls on your site then I suggest you use them as well.


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