Report written by Amy Spears:

ECW – November 27, 2007

10:00 – ECW opens with Kelly Kelly making her way to the ring.


The bell rings and the pair lock up, Layla taking Kelly down right away and hitting her in the back.

Layla gets Kelly against the ropes and beats on her.

Layla goes for a drop kick and misses completely. Kelly goes after Layla and takes her down with a clothesline.

Layla takes down Kelly and gets yelled at for standing on her hair. Balls comes out to the ring and gets the crowd to make noise for Kelly.

Kelly takes Layla down and goes for the cover.


Balls and Kelly Kelly head backstage.

A Big Daddy V promo is run.


10:10 – Back from commercial break with John Morrison heading out.


The bell rings and Festus goes nuts and runs at Morrison and Miz. Jesse gets Festus in the corner and Jesse starts off the match with Morrison.

The pair lock up and Morrison takes control twisting Jesse’s arm around.

Jesse flips Morrison to the mat. Morrison gets to his feet and kicks Jesse into the corner. Morrison flips Jesse across the ring.

Jesse takes Morrison down and goes for the cover. 1 count.

Jesse tags in Festus and Morrison goes for the tag but Miz jumps away.

Festus slams Morrison to the mat and then tags in Jesse and slams Jesse on Morrison.

Jesse goes for the cover. 2 count. Morrison gets up and tags in Miz.

Jesse gets Miz in a headlock. Morrison gets in and breaks it up. Festus runs in and knocks them both out of the ring and Jesse dives off the top rope onto them.


10:18 – Back from commercial break with Miz having Jesse in a submission hold. Jesse gets free and tries to tag in Festus but Miz drags him to the opposite corner and tags in Morrison.

Morrison goes for the cover. 2 count. Morrison starts punching Jesse and takes him down with a neck breaker. Festus comes in without a tag but the ref stops him.

Morrison hits Jesse in the head with his knee. Morrison gets Jesse in a submission hold. Jesse breaks free and punches Morrison in the stomach.

Morrison backs Jesse into his corner and tags in Miz. Miz runs at Jesse and takes him down going for the cover. 2 count.

Miz tags in Morrison. Morrison takes Jesse down and goes for the cover. 2 count.


WINNER – THE MIZ & JOHN MORRISON (due to cheating with ref distraction.

Kane promo is shown.


10:32 – Back from commercial break with a SmackDown flashback showing Edge and Vicki as well as what Undertaker does to Vicki.

Elijah Burke is in the ring with the mike, “One more time tonight, give it up for my Shelton Benjamin”

Shelton makes his way to the ring and takes the mic from Burke, “Everybody wants to know what I’m doing in ECW. Am I here to make a few new friends? No. Maybe I’m here to blend in, hang out in the back; say can’t we all just get along? Hell no. You should all be thanking Elijah for having the sense to reach out and bring in the best damn athlete ever to step foot in the squared circle.

So, what does that mean for guys like Tommy Dreamer, Balls Mahoney, even the ECW Champ, CM Punk. It means it’s only a matter of time before Shelton Benjamin is the ECW Champ. I am the gold standard and quite frankly, there is no one here who can stop me.

And like the lyrics of my song says, “AIN’T NO STOPPING ME NOW!”


10:41 – Back from commercial break with the match starting.


Shelton takes down Moore then picks him up and gets him in the corner. The ref separates them.

Shelton kicks Moore then takes him down with a belly-to-belly Suplex. Shelton picks up Moore and slams him to the mat.

Shelton grabs Moore and slams him to the mat again then steps on Moore’s head. Shelton gets Moore in a submission hold.

Shelton slams Moore back to the mat and starts punching him. Moore gets up and Shelton whips him into the corner then takes him down and punches Moore then grinds his elbow into Moore’s head.

Shelton picks up Moore but Moore reverses and goes for a quick cover. 1 count.

Moore starts punching Shelton. Shelton punches back, nails Moore with a DDT and goes for the cover.



10:50 – Back from commercial break with Big Daddy V making his way to the ring.


Kane starts off kicking V. Kane then tries to take V down with a clothesline but instead V takes Kane down.

V starts hammering down on Kane’s back. V then throws Kane out of the ring. Striker goes under the ring to get a kendo stick but Kane snatches it away from Striker.

Kane gets in the ring and hits V with the kendo stick. V grabs Kane and picks him up and shakes him until he drops the stick then slams him to the mat and steps on Kane.

Kane rolls out of the ring and V follows. Kane slams V’s head into the steel steps. Kane goes under the ring and pulls out a trashcan the tosses it into the ring, followed by a second trashcan.

Kane turns around and V grabs him and slams him into the steel steps. V grabs Kane and throws him back into the ring then grabs a steel chair and gets in the ring.

Kane is on his feet in the corner and V comes at him with the chair. Kane kicks V away then Kane climbs the ropes and jumps down on V.

Kane sets up the chair on V’s head then goes to the climb the ropes. V takes the chair off and shoves Kane off the ropes.

V gets out of the ring and chops Kane across the chest. Striker is shown going under the ring and pulling out a table.

V shoves Kane into the ringpost then throws Kane back into the ring. V gets in the ring and sets the table up in the corner.

V kicks Kane and then slams Kane’s head into the table. V nails Kane with a huge chop then bounces off the ropes and puts Kane and himself through the table.

V goes for the cover. 2 count.

V calls out to Striker for another table. V takes the table and sets it up. Kane struggles to get to his feet. V grabs him by the head and punches him in the back then nails him with a head butt.

V punches Kane several times. Kane fires back with several punches. V tries to pick up Kane but Kane holds onto the rope.

Kane gets free and grabs the kendo stick and hits V several times with it. Kane pulls the stick away and gets ready to hit Kane with it.

Kane hits V in the head with the trashcan. Out of nowhere Mark Henry runs into the ring and hits Kane.

Mark Henry & V double-team Kane. Mark Henry holds Kane and V hits Kane in the head with the trashcan.

Henry picks up Kane again and the pair double head butt him. Kane struggles to get up and gets squished between the two men.

Kane falls to the mat but they pick him up and Kane ends up through the table. V goes for the cover.


Big Daddy V stands there with his foot on Kane’s chest.


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