No Entry From the Rear

My brother is a useless bastard! He told me that access to the training pitch today had to be gained by going through the front of the school (we hired their astro pitch), I got there to find the doors to the front of the school locked. I could see the receptionist chatting away on the phone and two cleaners pretending to work.

I tapped on the door and the two cleaners turned to me and shooed me away. I took my boots out of my bag and showed them to them in the hope that they would understand I was here to play football, again they did the shoo motion with their hands. The receptionist didn’t once look up at me or the cleaners.

I was looking to see if there was another way in through the front when I saw someone who looked like a security officer approaching me, I turned round and went home before I was arrested, sporting my moustache must have made me look even more dodgier than normal..

When I got home I found out that the back way was open as usual!

Was this a subtle way of them not wanting me to attend their training sessions? Earlier this year they actually sent me to the wrong venue, something I’ve seen happen countless times in TV shows and films when they want the guy out of the way!


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