It has been a while since my last post. Big changes have happened since the last time. The girl that I call my girlfriend has returned to London but is so petrified of staying in the flat on her own that I’ve moved in for a bit until to used to it.

I’m not surprised because she has had a lot of problems when she lived there before.

The reason I said “The girl that I call my girlfriend” is because in public she won’t acknowledge that I am her boyfriend, she calls me ‘her very good friend’. Which does annoy me a bit and makes me think that she is embarrassed to been seen in public with me as her boyfriend.

I know I’m not the most important thing in her life, that would be her facebook account. She is never off it. Have you ever given someone a hug and a kiss and heard them tapping away over your shoulder on facebook on their mobile? Such a passion killer!

Hopefully these little things will iron themselves out.

I know since I’ve been staying there I’ve started getting spots again. I’ve gone through three tubes of acne gel already and I’ve only been here a couple of weeks. Normally I would just leave them but that was when I was on my own. Can’t do that now.

Well I have go get off now, she hasn’t used Facebook in five minutes and is starting to shake.


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2 thoughts on “Facebook Is Kicking My Arse

  1. facebook is like a drug … in the long run it maybe replace normal human interactions … kinda sad :(( … however, try to show her the nice side of real life and take her to some awesome and romantic places that cant be reached over the internet…

    1. I've tried. She wouldn't leave Facebook for more than five minutes.

      I once travelled 80 miles to see her and we spent the time in a pub while she spoke to friends on Facebook through her mobile. 🙁

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