Finally got to see Western Sand Live

I wasn’t supposed to, but when I attended training with Custom House today I took part in the session. I was told by the surgeon that I should not do any activities that will make me breath hard for a couple of weeks, and I was only going to watch the training, but when I found out that we only had about ten players turn up I felt guilty and took part.

I paid for it afterwards as I was in a considerable amount of pain on the way home. Thankfully it didn’t last long, and I was glad at I had a gig to go to later on and didn’t fancy having music pounding through me and a pain in my mouth, it would have obviously made the pain more unbearable.

I went to The Intrepid Fox’s new temporary venue in Archway to watch Western Sand play a free gig. Western Sand are a band I’ve been wanting to see live for a VERY long time, they have played at Intrepid Fox events over the years and I have always had something on so I’ve not been able to go. I must say they were certain worth the wait!

The only down-point of the show was the sound wasn’t that great, but I think that was down to the poor quality items the venue made them use, it is a shame that a lot of venues enforce this rule because a lot of the times the band provides much better sound systems than these venues. Why not let them use their own stuff? It would save you money buying them from musians friend so often.

I didn’t drink alcohol while at the gig as I want the wounds in my mouth to fully heal before having a drink (the surgeon said this and smoking make the wounds infected), it was weird rocking out to a metal band while drinking coke with no ice. It reminded me of when I thought about putting music events on at the Bridgehouse with no booze available, I don’t think it would work after all.


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