Today I did something that I never thought I would ever do and is surely a sign that at 34 I’m finally starting to grow up. Today I had lunch with an old friend I hadn’t seen in a few years. That’s right, I had lunch, not a few beers in a pub, but proper food in a rather expensive eatery in West London.

During our little catch-up my friend mentioned to me that my laugh had changed quite a lot from the last time we met, I thought this was a weird thing to say but afterwards I started noticing that my laugh had deteriorated into a mixture of Sid James (from the Carry On films) and the cartoon dog Mutley from Whacky Races.

If you know me you’ll be listening out for this now, won’t you!

I had a few hours to kill so I decided to have a look around Westfield, I had been there before and gotten hopelessly lost but this time it was almost deserted. I didn’t quite understand it, had everyone decided to stay away because it was Good Friday and they assumed the place would be packed?

While walking around I noticed a new music store had just opened (it had “Just Opened” in the window – sort of gave it away), I had a little look around and came away with a copy of Darren Styles’ second album Feel the Pressure for a bargain price of £0.50. Styles is by far my favourite artist in the rave scene.

Now I must be off as Millwall are warming up to take on those striker-thieving bastards from up North (AKA Leicester City).


I am running the 2018 London Marathon to raise money for Livability UK in memory of my dad. If you can I'd appreciate any donation you can spare.
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