I had a rather nice weekend. I spent Friday night at home due to a lack of funds but I took the opportunity to give my websites a complete redesign, I know I do that quite a lot but I think the two designs I currently have are really good and will be around for a while.

I have stopped using my Facebook account in a bid to stop me spending so much time on there instead of working, if I still had my Facebook account then there is no chance that I would have redesigned my websites, or even be writing this post.

I had got my football gear ready because Saturday I wanted to go to football training. Although I’m not going to be playing for them any more I am still allowed to attend training. Wayne told me that they were having a friendly and asked me if I wanted to come and watch. I had nothing else on so thought I would.

It was nice that everyone on the team, that knew me, asked me why I wasn’t playing and when I told them they were actually disappointed. Martin was away so that meant that Wayne was going to manage the game. Having experienced his managerial abilities before I spent the game walking up and down the touchline yelling encouragement and advice.

We won the game 5-3, of course Wayne took credit for it, but he spent the majority of the game chatting to Jamie T’s girlfriend and playing with Jamie T’s dog. He boasted that he was 1-0 in his managerial career, maybe I should point out his run as manager of Bethnal Green Celtic? 😀

We did have a small disagreement over the use of the subs. In a friendly I believe you should use as many subs as you have, experiment with different partnerships and generally give everyone a decent enough amount of time on the pitch to show you what they have.

The opposition team was doing this; they were employing roll-on roll-off subs.

Wayne’s policy of only making essential subs when he needs to meant that about four of the players spent the second half lying on the grass bored shitless. I’ve never agreed with his “I don’t like using subs” philosophy and I don’t think I ever will.

Still, the team won and we had some very nice banter before and after the game, something that was lacking with Bethnal Green Celtic (I’ll let other people come to your own conclusions on why there was no banter with BGC).

I went home to get myself ready as I had planned to meet the myth & legend that is Reiss. He had a great idea to check out a pub on Broadway Market that he had spotted earlier, probably while looking for more bulls testicles to eat (he recently ate them in a restaurant).

The place was packed to the rafters, as I have since found out that it is considered an institution among drinkers nearby. I had a rather nice pint of ale which I can’t recall the name of; it looked like Guinness but tasted lovely.

We only stayed for one drink as the queue had pretty much doubled since we first got served so we jumped on a bus to the good old Mucky Pup. In pubs I’ve had many a pound coin taken from me when I’ve forgotten that I’ve put one on the pool table.

At the end of the night the landlord scoops up what is there and keeps it. Well tonight was my night, I spotted about five pound in pound coins on the table and plucked them for myself, a small measure of justice.

On the way home Reiss decided that he wanted to take a chair that he had seen outside a pub, the doorman came after him and swore at him as he grabbed the chair back. I apologised on his behalf and tried to steer him in the direction of the bus stop.

I ended the evening watching an elderly lady chasing after a guy who had nicked an onion from outside her shop. It was a full Moon that night, maybe that will explain the sudden rise in the theft of pub furniture and bulbous vegetables?


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4 thoughts on “Full Moons Make People Do Weird Things

  1. That’s great that you planned everything and strictly following them; attending football training program is really very good idea.

    1. I try to but it doesn’t always happen like that. I love playing football so I’m glad to be able to train with any team at this stage of my footballing life.

  2. Apparently scientific research does show a trend to crazy things happening during full moons. They really haven’t explained why or how, just that there is a correlation between weird behavior and full moons.

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