Yesterday I went over the park to do some freekick training. I was doing some on Saturday and I realised that my kicks have really started to get crap.

Whilst over there four girls came over and sat down behind the goal. I was taking a freekick and then taking another from where the ball landed behind the goal. But when these girls sat down they kept running after the ball and kicking it back to me, this meant I was taking less freekicks.

After about five minutes they challenged me to a game of four on one, I was a tad miffed to learn that they meant football…

It was cool, one of them realised the time and they said goodbye and started racing across the park to get back to college.

About ten minutes later and three Algerian boys appeared out of nowhere and asked me if I fancied a game of 2-on-2. This time I was glad they meant football…

I played with them for about an hour until we were all about to subcome to the blazing heat. I decided to jog home to help get me fit. I took my shirt off the whole time to get the sun on my arms.

I went along to Alfie’s gig at The Lion in Church St. The barmaid in there is a bit of alright, I can now understand why Alfie & Reiss have been competing over her.

Reiss told me that his mum was coming along. I kept a safe distance from her for most of the night and positioned myself so that Reiss was between us, if she wanted to stab me up she would have to cut up her boy while I leg it out the door! ~JUSTICE~!

Reiss told me it kicked off at 7:30pm so I strolled in at about 7:40pm and no bugger was there, Alfie was still setting up the equipment as I arrived. reiss did not arrive til about 8pm!

It was cool though, although hardly anybody turned up due to a cock-up with the flyers. His support act Howard Fergus has been around for ages, makes me wonder why none of his fans turned up…


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