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I have been picking my two nephews up from primary school everyday this week as my two sisters always seem to be too busy to make the short journey, despite one of them having a car.

The school was breaking up early today so I had to pick them up at 2pm instead of 3:30pm.

I don’t like getting there too early as it is mostly mums and they give me really suspect looks like I’m a paedophile waiting to grab any unaccompanied child as it comes past. So I normally turn up about fives minutes early.

By 2:20 neither of my nephews had appeared, but then about five minutes later Nathan punched me from behind as his class had just returned from a school trip and were filing in through the gates.

He came out but there was no sign of Jack. By 2:45 I was getting worried and I grabbed Nathan and got him to take me to Reception as his mother was screaming at me down the phone shouting, Mel Gibson style, ‘WHERE IS MY FUCKING SON?!’

I got to Reception only to discover that it had shut early today. Not a good sign but as I was about to let burst with a barrage of swear words a woman asked me if I needed help. She told me that Jack was in the other playground.

I went into the other playground and could not see him so I asked one of the women on duty and she did not even look at me as she told me he had already been picked up and gone home. I told her that I was scheduled to pick him up and her voice and demeanor suddenly changed.

We went hunting all over the school with this woman looking for Jack’s teacher. The teacher told us that she had left him in the other playground. And there he was emerging from a bush. My sister was on the verge of phoning the police and gave me a right ear bashing down the phone.

I asked him why he was not in the normal playground like he normally was and he said that I was not there. This was a lie as I got there at 2:55 and no children were out yet.

He then changed his story and said his new teacher refused to let any of the kids make any form of contact with their family members until they had come over to pick them up.

When I took him home my sister said that I was never going to pick him up again. I shall remember that the next time they can’t be bothered to pick their own children up from a school that is five minute walk away.


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4 thoughts on “I Almost Lost A Nephew

  1. I am glad you found him and I that suck the stress that they put you through. I panic if my kids don’t answer me right away after I call for them.

  2. Wow, what a story. Must be frightening to nearly loose a nephew. The mother was not right to blame you, since she could not be bothered to take her son herself. I think this was her reaction in the first instant and her mind will change soon anyway. Because a lot of time passed since you wrote this post, maybe you have new experience to share with us now?

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