Have I finally Nailed It?

After years of trying I think I might have finally managed to fill in the passport application correctly. I have filled out this blasted form so many times over the years only to have them sent back to me each time due to a pathetic error, the last time it was rejected because I hadn’t put the correct kind of crosses in the boxes!

So in the end I did it online and they have accepted it, all I have to do now is get my friend Reiss to fill in the deceleration form and I can send it off and finally get my passport.

I was hoping to have it in time for Millwall’s friendly against Russia next month, but thankfully that has fallen through so I won’t get annoyed at having to miss out on the trip. I have already put together a small list of places I’d like to visit once I receive my passport and Malta and USA are at the top of the list.

Malta is obviously somewhere I’ve wanted to visit for a long time because of my family ties to the country, but some might be surprised by my intentions to visit America, my love of professional wrestling is the main reason I want to visit the country. What shocked me was how cheap the hotels are, for example Provincetown hotels, a night at one of their top hotels is CHEAPER than a night in a 2 star hotel here in the UK. The Harbor Hotel Provincetown is a perfect example of this.

Tonight Custom House 5s took on bottom of the table Indie Disco, I had seven players confirmed and then come 7pm FIVE of them pulled out on me. So I stood at the side of the pitch wondering if I would have to take on the opposition on my own, thankfully three players turned up so we had four of us and as we took to the pitch a guy came over and asked if we needed an extra player. Phew we had the full five.

Despite having possibly the weakest side we have ever put out everyone ran their bollocks off and we finally managed to win our first game of the season 4-1, and I only went and scored the goals. 🙂


I am running the 2018 London Marathon to raise money for Livability UK in memory of my dad. If you can I'd appreciate any donation you can spare. http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/deansaliba
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