Firstly the new Ipod that I have would not play the songs that I had downloaded so all I could listen to on the way to and from work was three crappy Nickelback songs that Wayne had already put on there. He did not tell me that I need to install ITunes and upload them that way!

I got a bollocking at work today by my manager for something that Wayne had told me to do.

Every Friday the last 30 minutes are dedicated to doing your time sheet. Wayne told me that as soon as you finish the time sheet you can go home and as I update my time sheet daily it only took me a couple of minutes and off home I went.

Apparently this is wrong and it got me a tongue-lashing. She also had a go at me for coming in early and working through my lunch. Apparently it is illegal for me to work right through my lunch. I can, however, work through half of it but not all of it.

Who the hell made that fucking cunting rule?

The team that I play for (AFC Ealing) has folded so I contacted a club this morning to see if they would be looking for a new defender. Instead of saying no I basically got told to fuck off.

It turns out the club had sent a scout to the game where we were hammered 14-1 in the cup by Clissold Park (they play in the same division as Clissold and were checking their tactics) and did not want a defender from AFC Ealing after such a result.

What they did not know was that at about 5-0 I went upfront and caused them quite a few problems, so much so that their defenders had to resort to fouling me and obstructing me to keep me at bay.

I came home very tired. My sister had given me an old babygate to stop my puppy from tearing up the post, it works as the post and leaflets were intact. I walked into the front room and saw the cushions on the floor as normal, this would take me 30 seconds to fix. Just as I was about to say ‘good girl’ I noticed she had chewed to pieces the two controllers to Wayne’s PS3!

How in the hell she had got hold of the controllers I have no idea as I had put them out of her way.

Maybe that is karma for getting me into trouble at work?


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