It is now almost 6:30pm on a Friday night and I am sitting in my bedroom typing on a computer in pitch darkness, why? Because I am trying to give the impression that there is nobody at home because outside it is swarming with the yobs of this estate banging on doors asking for sweets, treats & cash.

For the rest of the year these kids run amok over the estate setting fire to cars, smashing windows and generally being little shites. I think I’m the only person on the estate who dares to stand up to them and for my trouble I get their mum’s threatening me, calling me a paedophile and telling me that their kids have the right to have fun.

Then come October 31st they have the nerve to put on a crappy £2 plastic mask and go to the houses of the people they have spent the past year terrorising and demand treats!

I know people will call me a miserable cantankerous git for this but it is actually a form of begging, just like when kids used to go out and murder poor Christmas carols in the hope of being rewarded with a pound or two or asking penny for the guy.

Who knows, if you stop your kid from sticking his arm into my bedroom window and nicking stuff then I might give them some sweets next year …. possibly laced with something!


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2 thoughts on “I Hate Halloween

  1. he he, sorry i shuldnt laugh but the way you write this really makes me chuckle. I know the feeling about the local yobs.

    They do nothing but destroy your life for most of the year then expect you to be nice to them because tradition says you should.

    We have got to know the children around our area and we know whos good and who are annoying. We buy 2 kinds of chocolates, Heroes for the good kids and Dog chocolates for the bad ones. Believe me, they never know! just makes you smile when you close the door after a visit from the bad kids.

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