I Hate The TV & Radio

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I have found myself becoming increasingly annoyed and irritated with what I am hearing on the radio and watching on the television these days. It used to be the adverts, but now I am finding that the actual people they have on are annoying me as well.

I had the television on and was slightly listening to it as I got on with my work, the show that was airing was called Loose Women (I have a bit of a ‘thing’ for Carol Mcgiffin) and although I was not really paying attention they had a part of the show where people write in and spill your problems so the rest of London can laugh at them and feel temporarily better about their own lives.

This woman was saying how her 12 year old daughter was becoming obsessed with her appearance. She was starving herself, taking copious amounts of diet pills and spending a fortune on designer clothes.

This made my ears prick up and the first question out of my mouth, as I yelled at the screen, was “how much bloody pocket money is this child getting if she can afford to buy really expensive designer clothes?!”

Who the hell is selling this 12 year old child diet pills anyway? I’m assuming she is buying them online and will have to use her mother’s credit card. Why does the mother not just take the credit card away? Or will that upset her little princess?

I also hate that smug sod on the radio who is doing the Twix adverts. I’d like to wring his bloody neck! Preferably while he is eating a crunchy Twix and drinking a lovely cup of tea!

My sister Charlene came round today to do some cleaning. She gets paid for looking after my dad now so she pops round once a fortnight to do a spot of cleaning up and a bit of slagging off.

My dog is in season at the moment, it is not very nice & I have done a lot to prevent blood getting on the furniture. But a few spots of her blood do end up on the floor. This is no problem as it is not carpet and can me wiped up.

My sister saw it and went mental and started screaming and shouting about how she is never bringing her kids up because they will catch a disease. Obviously she said all this to my dad as she had asked me to take her boy downstairs to play football. Yeah, the same boy who she said would never be allowed near me.

It is no skin off my nose, I did not really want her brat staying at my house Saturday night anyway.


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10 thoughts on “I Hate The TV & Radio

  1. Yeah, sometimes I really get fed up with the radio as well… they are playing the same tunes over and over! And some of those presenters can really get on your nerves too!

    1. I don’t mean ALL adverts, just the majority of them really get on my tits.

      There is no need to stick a smug bastard in front of us. Nor is there any reason to spend millions on an adveert and then 6 months later lay off almost your entire staff because your company is bankrupt from spending too much on advertising!

      Thanks for droppibng by. đŸ™‚

  2. Hi Dean,

    I love Loose Women! And I like Carol too. Though I don’t sgree with everything she says, I really like the fact that she’s so outspoken.

    The 12-year old’s probably mimicking her mum and everything else going on around her (peer pressure, the media, celebrity culture and being on the verge of adolescence). I wish her and her mum well.

    I haven’t seen the Twix ad.

    Does your sister pop round to your Dad’s more frequently to do other things or does she just pop round every fortnight to do the cleaning? If it’s the latter, then who takes care of him in-between?

    When you mention your dog’s in season, what does that mean? I don’t know a lot about dogs.

    take care…

    2ThePoints last blog post..The Credit Crunch, the Manic-Depressive Media. A Match Made in Hell.

    1. A dog’s season is when she is ready to be mated. They bleed from their private parts. Obviously there are no tampon products for dogs.

      Thanks for dropping by. đŸ™‚

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