I have enjoyed playing with computers since the day my dad bought me an Amstrad CPC 464 when I was about 8. Since then I have owned a lot of consoles and computers and if I have not owned one then I have friends and family who dis so I still got to play them.

I have not had a games console since I got rid of my old PS2 a good few years ago. And after playing on the much hyped Playstation 3 that my brother owns I am starting to get the itch to buy myself one.

Obviously buying one is easy these days as you no longer have to walk around various electrical shops in your town to try and find a cheap deal. One quick search on Google or a comparision web site will help you find the cheapest Playstation 3 available in your country.

And just when I thought I had found a good deal I stumble across a web site called ps3.uk who have a host of coupons for PS3 consoles, games and even PS3 bundles that can save me even more money.

If I do get one then I’d buy the latest FIFA football game and finally beat my brother at the game after years of him wiping the floor with me at it!


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4 thoughts on “I Think I’m Getting A PS3

  1. Dean you played PSE with me before on the playstation 3 (Yes i beat ya at it) but thats not the point i am trying to make i am trying to say if you can clock PES you can become a king on Fifa

    but you are getting better on Fifa at least now you are scoring against me lol

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