I had planned on attending Custom House FC’s end of season presentation evening tonight and since I had my girlfriend staying with me I decided not to leave her at home alone and brought her with me. Another perfect example of what a great boyfriend I am.

The event was so the management could hand out the trophies to players and afterwards there was initially going to be two comedians performing a set each and then they would bust out the karaoke for those who were drunk enough to have a bash. All for just a mere £5 entry fee.

There was a problem with the management agency that was used to book the comedians and they informed us a couple of days before that there was a problem and they would not be able to fulfil the event. So the event was changed to a free event and after the awards were handed out there would be music and then the boxing would be shown on a huge screen.

There were not many takers but on the night we had around 30 people turn up, which I thought was good. There were a few players who didn’t turn up but it could have been a lot worse.

I wasn’t expecting a trophy, I was going along simply for a night out and to help support the team, after all I had never actually played a single minute of a competitive match, so I was shocked when I was handed a trophy. Everyone got one, it was for being a member of the team, but I don’t care – I won an award!

See how good I am? Some players play at the top of the game for many years without even so much as a nod of recognition, I never even stepped onto the pitch and my skills were acknowledged in trophy form. 🙂

It actually sparked something in me to maybe give it another bash next season, I have a bit of weight to lose but I reckon with a bit of persistence I could drop it by the time preseason starts on August 4th. I think it would help me as I prepare to take my level 1 coaching badge.

Next season I’m aiming for the top goal scorer award! 🙂


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6 thoughts on “I Won An Award!

  1. That is too bad that the comedians didn’t work out but it sounds like you had a good time anyway. Congrats on the trophy and I think you should give it another go next season.

  2. Paul better watch his back then lol, the numbers where good i just wish i didn’t have to be at work for 7am the next day but hey roll on the new season.

  3. Hi Dean,

    Congratulations to the trophy and you’ll be glad you did not have to sing karaoke after a few beers, I see and hear it every night here in Spain and it sounds like hell the most of the singers.

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