Invasion of the Plastic Hippy

I went to the shop at about 12pm and noticed that Bishop’s Way was swarming with children dressed as hippies. I actually mean children, little people who should have been at school were milling about dressed in 60s type dresses with flowers and tiaras in their hairs and saying “peace” and “groovy”. It angered me, not because they should be at school, but because they are trying really hard to be something they are not.

LoveBox isn’t even a hippy festival!

Because there were so many of them slowly making their way towards the park they had temporarily closed the road, which meant there were no cars to hit them, which was a shame. I’m glad they are only here for the weekend, because with the hipsters and trendy art lovers I don’t think I could handle anymore wankers moving into the area.

I decided that while they were busy having fun I would clean the flat, it must have been messier than I thought because it took me over 12 hours and I didn’t even get to touch my dad’s room or either of our gardens. I rewarded myself by sitting out in the back garden with some music on and a couple of bottles of Black Sheep.


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