Last night I had to travel to Greenford for a meeting about the future of Acton Town for next season. I hope if I have to attend another one of these meetings that I do not have to go though Ealing Broadway at rush hour again!

This was a meeting that everyone was meant to turn up to but only seven people bothered to show up for and two of them left half way through so that meant that only me, Jayson, Ashley, Nat and Rash were left to the end.

That did not matter though as it turned into a really good night and we actually stayed until we got kicked out of the pub at closing time, it was only then that I realised that there was a big possability that I might miss the last train and would have to get buses all the way home.

Thankfully I got to Grenford station just as the last train pulled into the station. I asked Wayne to check on how I would get home with only getting buses just in case I had missed that last train of the night.

This is what I would have had to do (ignore the time).

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