Keeping Your Kids Safe Online

Controlling of the Internet users

Like people in the big cities are invigilated all the time, the Internet users are also extensively monitored. The secret agencies in almost every country have got a right to invigilate the citizens in many dimensions. It is nothing new that the surveillance is everywhere. We are watched during the shopping, in the bank or even walking in the streets. It is quite obvious that it is made for our general good and safety. The people who are cause of the criminal incidents can be caught much faster and it is easier to recognize them. Similar to the real world, the Internet is also a place where users are not anonymous anymore. Internet is now used by billions of people all over the world and a big part of social life is placed there. In general, we can not say that the controlling is only a bad thing. It brings a lot of advantages as well as disadvantages. The worst thing is that people lose their privacy. It seems as the biggest problem, because regarding the Internet, everyone wants to be anonymous. However a lot of users use it in a wrong way. Another thing is that the state is trying to control the Internet traffic to filter any suspicious activity made by some people who might be dangerous for rest of the society. This kind of situation takes place during recognizing potential terrorists. Nowadays the national security departments are very sensitive about suspicious actions taken on the Internet.

Controlling of users and controlling the family

Controlling may be also used by us, to keep our family safe. Kid’s activity in the net should be monitored and checked as often as it is possible. The youngest are the biggest group that is exposed to many kinds of threats. The nature of the kid, I mean the naivety and lack of life experience, makes them an easy target. It is extremely easy to convince kid to do what we want using very weak arguments. To prevent a dangerous situation, parents should at first educate their kids. Only after the solid education, the youngest are able to build their awareness of the fact that the Internet can be also a dangerous place. Practical skills are the next thing that parents should take care of. Showing children how to use the computer can be very helpful also. Thanks to good habits kids know how to behave using the Internet browser, where they can enter and what places should be avoided. Last thing that is able to prevent bad consequences of using the internet by the kids is the specialist software. Parental control software is able to monitor the kid’s activity in the Internet. It can also block access to the websites containing materials highly inappropriate for the children.

Summing up, the controlling of the internet users is mainly done to guarantee any level of the security. Not everyone is happy because of that, however taking into consideration the benefits for the whole society, controlling may bring some benefits. Children as the youngest users should be especially protected. It is parent’s duty to provide them enough knowledge and education in this matter.

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