Killer on the Pool Table

Custom House cruelly got my hopes up today, Wayne phoned me and told me that they were so desperate for players today that I should bring my gear as it looked like I would be playing. I didn’t get to play as someone brought two new players with them and they were signed up and thrown on as subs.

One of them came on and won us the game by scoring two goals, we were 2-0 down at one point and ended up winning the game 4-3 – scoring the winning goal in the 88th minute!

While it was frustrating not to be able to play I soon shook that off and got on with what I’m there for, making sure there is no dog shit on the pitch and yelling encouragement from the sidelines.

I almost never made it to the game, when I came out of Barkingside station I chose to follow the route that TFL gave me and ended up walking through farm land and in completely the wrong direction! I also attracted the attention of an overly friendly horse who tried to follow me back to the station!

In the evening I went to The Dundee Arms for a couple of beers and someone started making a big noise about having his drink thrown away, apparently he had left an inch of beer and then came back to the pub over an hour later and was annoyed it had been tipped down the sink.

He started threatening the barman and his mum (who was the barmaid) stuck up for him, the man then threatened the barmaid, she told him to leave, but he kept arguing and shouting, so I escorted him out, he tried to resist but I’m a big lad and he was leaving whether he wanted to or not.

I moved on to The Hare for a couple before I met Reiss and we headed to The Mucky Pup, where I won a game of Killer and then left as I was optimistically hoping to play football tomorrow after my performance at training.


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