Series one of Red Dwarf plopped onto my door mat this morning which was a nice surprise from the normal bills and random junk that I normally get. I have made a sort of unofficial resolution to increase my DVD collection as I was getting a bit sick of looking at just a pile of those free DVDs they give away in the Sunday newspapers.

So far this year I have bought The first three Rambo films (very cheesy but I absolutely love them) and I have bought the first series of Red Dwarf and series two should be hitting my letterbox tomorrow.

I intend of collect all eight series and then I’m going to start on Touch Of Frost, along with Diagnosis Murder they are my two current guilty pleasures.

On Monday I found out that ITV3 would be showing an episode of Touch Of Frost every night at 10pm which meant I had to rush home from football training in the hope of catching Thursday’s episode on ITV3+1.

After watching tonight’s double episode at the end the voice over guy announced that they will be showing Touch Of Frost all next week as well!

I had a really lazy day today, I actually did bugger all apart from watch the Red Dwarf DVD and all the extras, I actually watched a bonus first episode in JAPANESE!

Just as I was about to post this I was told that the game tomorow against Hendon Reserves has been postponed due to our pitch being doubled booked for a third time this season. We tried to book another pitch but that ground does not have any changing rooms and the away team have refused to play us.

Looks like another lazy day tomorrow then.


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