Life in the Old Dog Yet?

Tonight I went to train with a new football team, the training was very fast-paced and I struggled to keep up, even having to step out a couple of times, but it was fun to get back into playing again and after about 30 minutes we had a match with another team who were training on the other half of the pitch.

I didn’t play that well and after an hour I was subbed and spent the remaining 30 minutes yelling instructions from the touchline. I’m not sure if I want to play for them in a competitive match because although they made me feel very welcome there was far too much shouting and screaming at each other for my liking, and they were incredibly greedy with the ball. But I suppose this is what you should expect from a team full of young lads.

I was very tired after the session, but I felt exhilarated to be playing again and was looking forward to the training session that Custom House will be starting on Monday.


I am running the 2018 London Marathon to raise money for Livability UK in memory of my dad. If you can I'd appreciate any donation you can spare.
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