London Bridge is….Not the Right Bridge

Today I took my girlfriend to see Tower Bridge: one of the more iconic images of London. Obviously as someone who lives outside of London she believed the bridge she wanted to see was London Bridge, which is the boring one that doesn’t open, being a lovely person I took her to see both of them. We were thinking of going to see Buckingham Palace as well, but then I remember it would be absurdly packed on a Saturday, and I wanted to go home and watch the FA Cup final.

It had been a few years since I last went to the bridge, so long that I forgot it was in Tower Hamlets and forgot where the actual bridge was located, I thought I knew where it was, but when I got to the place I thought it was I found it wasn’t there, had they moved the bridge?

She wanted to take lots of pictures, but every time I went to go near the railings my fear of large bodies of water would come flooding back and I ended up staying as far away as I could. She thought it was funny until she asked to have a picture taken with me again the railing and I walked towards it really slow and started shaking and he realised I was petrified of falling over, even though I’d have to jump onto the railing to have a chance of falling over it, fear doesn’t allow you to think rationally.

We stayed around to watch the bridge open, which she loved, and then we made our way around the outside of the Tower of London (I’m not paying £44.00 for us to go and look at the inside of a shitty tower where I’m not allowed to touch or use things) and then headed home to watch the cup final.

It was nice to go and see something that I have only seen on a bus passing over it, it never fails to amaze me that there is so much stuff in this city to see and we normally only bother seeing it when someone from out of town comes to stay and wants to see it.

After Arsenal’s fluky cup win I had to sit in a pub for the evening and wonder where all these Arsenal fans suddenly came from, every five minutes the door would open and a large cheer would come up as more of them walked through the bloody door!

I’m not bitter though. Well done Arsenal, enjoy your fluky win. 🙂


I am running the 2018 London Marathon to raise money for Livability UK in memory of my dad. If you can I'd appreciate any donation you can spare.
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