I have made some strange decisions in my life, but the decision to make the journey from Bethnal Green to Wythenshawe, at 4am in the morning, with a large suitcase (ok it was on wheels, but it was still large), a laptop bag, a bag of goodies for the coach, and a long box containing a vacuum cleaner, has to be up there at the top of the list.

No matter how strange I thought this was, no matter how many times I felt like dumping or throwing the vacuum cleaner away, I managed to get it from Bethnal Green onto two buses and then the coach that would take me to Wythenshawe, once there I had to struggle with the object through the packed city centre to get another bus and was so frazzled by then that I made the girlfriend meet me when I got off so she could take the suitcase.

While I was waiting for the coach at Victoria a child came up to me, opened the zip on the front of my suitcase, and started to have a good look inside. I was a bit stunned at what to do, if it was a man I would have belted him over the head with the vacuum cleaner box that I was holding on my shoulder, but doing that to a 5-year old child is frowned upon.

Thankfully I didn’t have to do anything because his mother came running over and apologised to me as she led her son away and chastised him about looking in the suitcases of strange men. I was a bit miffed that she called me a “strange man”, but then I realised that I had struggled across the city at 4am in the morning with a large suitcase, a laptop bag, a bag of goodies, and a box containing a vacuum cleaner and I think she may have been right.


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