When I took over these blogs Dean was kind enough to offer me a word of wisdom (not including such riveting informative pieces such as telling me that kangaroos can’t fart). He told me that I should be careful of what I write because the people who read this blog are not fools and will very quickly let me know what they think.

I found this out after publishing my last post regarding my belief that Ivan Moody is quite possibly the best singer on the metal scene at the moment. Of course I should have written ‘best new’ before the word ‘singer’ but it was about 4am in the morning and I didn’t think many people would be reading at that ungodly hour.

As Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap would say “Oh boy!”

I haven’t published any of the comments yet, as they were all pretty horrible, but I also received quite a few emails which were split down the middle between agreeing with me and wanting to ban me from ever listening to metal again.

Not quite sure how you’d implement such a ban. Maybe having someone follow me around for the entire term of the ban making sure I didn’t sneak off to the toilet, but instead of taking drugs I’m listening to metal on an Ipod? But I’m guessing that would be costly and rather time-consuming for the person tailing me.

One of the emails told me that Ivan Moody was in two other bands before 5FDP, Ghost Machine & Motograter. Ghost Machine’s music seems to be quite difficult to get hold of (well at least the stuff with Ivan on is, the later stuff after he left the band is quite accessible) but I found that Spotify carry Motograter’s last album.

So I spent the morning checking that out. A lot of it is very generic, songs blend into each other without you noticing, but you can still tell that it is Ivan singing as his voice really stands out.

I didn’t like the intro fillers. After every song there was a 20 second intro track that added nothing to the songs and seemed only there to fill up the album and make it look like it had more on it. 22 tracks on the album but only 11 of them are songs.

Ashes, The Bleeding (acoustic version), The Way Of The Fist, Never Enough, Can’t Heal You, Hard To See, Burn It Down, Bad Company, War Is The Answer, Walk Away, and the awesome Far From Home, are just some of my favourites.

Check them out. 🙂


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