My wife is currently trying to lose weight, not that she needs to lose any weight. It has gone past the period where me telling her that she is not fat has started to lose its gloss and does not have the same effect anymore. So I’m moving onto the helpful stage.

The helpful stage consists of me offering encouragement, helping her decide what diet she wants to try and even getting her some fat burner pills from the internet. I don’t want her to do the diet thing but if she is determined then I should at least help.


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2 thoughts on “Losing Weight With Fat Burners

  1. Stephen,

    Hopefully she has decided to make proper nutrition and exercise the foundation of her fat loss efforts. Please let her know that very few of the fat burner supplements are safe/ and or effective, and they won't do her any good if she is not exercising and consuming the right amount of calories from the best sources.

    1. I've trid the "I think you're fine the way you are" approach but that only worked for a short amount of time. Now I'm trying to get her to see her doctor to get proper food advice.

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